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Bluestone Group has been operating in the real estate market since 2005. Since its foundation, the company consultants have been successfully implementing projects related to the provision of brokerage services.

We develop and build up essential key competencies in the commercial and residential real estate segment. A detailed analysis of tasks, the greatest participation and involvement in solving the issues of counterparts allowed the Bluestone Group to gain a reputation as a professional market participant, competitive among recognized industry leaders and a recognizable brand in the real estate industry.

For over 12 years, we have been committed to providing quality services, the basis of which, in our case, are true ideas about the conscientious performance of services and mutually beneficial business cooperation.

Company motto is -
«Top Property Solutions».

The defining services for the Bluestone Group are commercial and residential real estate brokerage services.

Along with basic services, we act as consultants in investment transactions, or select sites in the developers’ interest, and provide the necessary assistance upon request from individuals and institutional investors.

The main consumers of quality services are contractors from among enterprises and organizations of small, medium, and large business.

Strategic partners are well-known development structures, groups of companies, holdings and corporations that build and own commercial and residential real estate on an ownership basis, offering their sale to a professional community of consultants in free competition.

We work the way we think is right. Here, our faithful assistants are the accumulated extensive experience of the long presence in the market, the ability to build relationships and communication, knowledge of market laws and mechanisms, of the real estate segment, and of legal nuances.

Sharing our vision, with your trust, we will be able to guarantee a clear result and satisfaction from working together.

Being involved in commercial activities and providing services of a certain quality, we proceed from the fact that every work must be paid.

The issue of the cost of services for professional players in the Moscow real estate market was originally formed by Western practices, the subject of which is, in fact, a widely applicable basic postulate between the customer and the contractor.

The practice of cooperation with corporate clients on behalf of the Bluestone Group involves the most flexible approach aimed at finding compromise solutions for the cost of providing services in order to promote mutually beneficial cooperation.

In our cooperation, we are accustomed to comply fully with the high quality of the declared and implemented services. To be, as the Japanese say, "ichiban" (number one) for our customers.

The history of successful interactions with corporate clients of the Bluestone Group is full of examples of providing additional services and preferences to our counterparts without charging additional fees.

A huge portfolio of completed projects, and numerous recommendations on behalf of grateful clients is a true recognition of our merit, which is a huge incentive that aims for further successful work.

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  • Sale of land assets
  • Consulting services
  • Design and architecture
  • Representing the interests of owners when renting / selling real estate
  • Representing the interests of clients when searching for real estate for rent / purchase
  • Developing a strategy and conditions for the sale of commercial real estate
  • Marketing promotion of projects in the market for implementation
  • Selection of a suitable land plot according to the project specifications from the Customer
  • Due diligence and analysis of the land plot to understand best use objectives
  • Assessment of the market value of land assets
  • Transaction support
  • Market research and provision of analytical reviews
  • Analysis of the best use of the project and the land plot
  • Project development for further implementation
  • General industry consulting for the current project, preparing recommendations, search for alternative scenarios for the development of the project
  • Structuring and closing the purchase and sale transaction
  • Optimization of current rent costs
  • Challenging the cadastral value
  • Assistance, together with design partner companies, in the development of requirements and specifications for the performance of work
  • Architectural and engineering design services
  • Designer supervision
  • Technical audit
  • Performing interior decoration in offices and residential premises
  • Optimization of current rent costs
  • Obtaining permits and approvals


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